Media & Marketing in 11 States

Deborah Greenfield’s experience in working with large advertising and media placement agencies is a tremendous benefit to our clients. She offers expertise and insight in digital and broadcast media planning and buying, making media dollars work harder by designing effective, efficient media campaigns. She conducts audience research, performs demographic analysis, and negotiates rates that maximize the impact of every media dollar. Deborah employs sophisticated media monitoring techniques to hold stations accountable for the performance of the commercial time she contracts. This results in a higher delivery of rating points and households, and overall more “bang for the buck.”

While the majority of our clients achieve success through our strategic broadcast and digital media services, that’s not all we do.

We support your business with a wide range of advertising and marketing solutions developed to meet your specific marketing challenges,
and to motivate your specific target customer.

  • Automotive marketing
  • Restaurant and hospitality marketing
  • All forms of graphic design and print advertising
  • Creation and production of digital, television and radio advertising
  • Web design and development
  • Creative consultation and script writing
  • Vendor funding programs
  • Direct mail design, list analysis, and program administration
  • Sales promotions, contests, giveaways
  • Logos and corporate identity
  • Special event management
  • Music and jingles